Descartes undertakes a project of doubt in order to establish what we can know with certainty.Explain

Prompt: In his Meditations, Descartes undertakes a project of doubt in order to establish what we can know with certainty. (1) By the end of the Meditations, what does he think he knows with certainty, and (2) what arguments has he used to establish these positions? While Fichte’s Vocation of Man also begins with doubt, Fichte concludes that we can never have certainty about the world outside of us through knowledge alone. (3) Why does he think this and (4) how does he think we obtain conviction about the world instead (and explain his position)? (5) Do you think we can obtain knowledge about the world, and how do we do so (through knowledge alone, as Descartes would have it, through faith, as Fichte would, or by some other means)? Support your thinking with reasons. Specifications: a) Your essay must be 1000-1500 words b) It is due Monday, November 23 c) You must turn in a hard-copy in class and submit an electronic copy to canvas (by the start of class). d) Underline your thesis and topic sentences. e) Use several carefully chosen quotes to support your argument. It does not matter how you cite them, so long as you do

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