Describe a comprehensive model of strategic decision making.

You are going to write a project about Amazon which I will upload for you a file that has Amazons case pictures from this book Strategic management, Planning for domestic & global competition by John A. Pearce ii Richard B. Robinson. So I scanned for you the case from the book and you need to write about it and also you have to cover these aspect as well from reliable sources:
Analyze Amazon company in several aspects:
-strategic management
-Describe a comprehensive model of strategic decision making
-Describe a company mission and explain its value & Explain which goal of a company is most important: survival, profitability, or growth
-List and explain the five factors in the remote environment
-Give examples of the economic, social, political, technological, and ecological influences on a business
-Explain the five forces model of industry analysis and give examples of each force
-The importance of a companys decision to globalize
-The market requirements and product characteristics in global competition
-Understand how to conduct a SWOT analysis
-Understand value chain analysis and how to use it to disaggregate a firms activities
-Use Three Circle Analysis as a technique to examine a companys product/service attributes with those of key competitors relative to tangible customer needs
-Describe the five qualities of long-term corporate objectives that make them useful to strategic managers
-Illustrate how a firm can pursue both low-cost and differentiation strategies
-Summarize the risks associated with an incremental versus a breakthrough approach to innovation.
-Understand how short-term objectives are used in strategy implementation
-Identify and apply the qualities of good short-term objectives to your own experiences
-Illustrate what is meant by functional tactics and how they are used in strategy implementation
-Describe what good organizational leadership involves
-Explain how vision and performance help leaders clarify strategic intent
-Analyze Amazon Value chain

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