Describe An estimate of the implementation budget, not the monthly operation fees.

Prepare a project charter as a 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, not including the title or reference slide. Your charter must include the following elements:

  • The project stakeholders
  • A description of the project and its value to the organization
  • The project scope
  • An estimate of the project schedule
  • An estimate of the implementation budget, not the monthly operation fees
  • Quality issues
  • Assumptions and risks
  • Definitions of any important terminology
It is based on this:

Project Charter, Scope, and Work Breakdown Structure Assignment


You have been selected to participate in a prestigious internship in a health care organization by working for the chief information officer (CIO). Your internship will consist of a series of project management activities you complete throughout this course.


In your first meeting with the CIO, she explains that, when you came into the facility, you received a visitor pass, per the standard policy. You signed in on a printed page, and the receptionist gave you a visitor badge. The organization has contracted with a company that will supply the organization with a visitor badge-printing kiosk for its lobby.


This device allows the visitor to complete an electronic visitor log and print a badge. The visitor information is stored permanently, and the badge disables itself at the end of the day. Though the organization will pay $500 per month for this system, it anticipates the system will help protect its visitors’ confidentiality, because they will no longer have a paper visitor log. The organization also hopes it will help increase security, because the visitor badges will automatically disable at the end of visitors’ scheduled visits.


The vendor will ship the badge kiosk for delivery in about a month. The organization will install the kiosk because it is customer-installable. The CIO, who will be the project sponsor, wants you to manage the project. The primary users are the receptionist staff. Other interested parties include the privacy officer, security officer, guest services manager, purchasing manager, and help desk manager. In addition, system users include patients, vendors, and health care providers, such as doctors, social workers, and case managers representing payers

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