Describe the correlation between emotional intelligence(EI) and graduate employability.

hi writer please make sure understand question and follow the all of requirements and a clear structure to write this dissertation and most importantly this must be your original own work and keep the similarity at below 15% and finish it on time or in advance .otherwise, it will be no value for me because it is going to submit few days thank you

and additional information I will tell you later
Added on 19.04.2016 12:02
I have put my proposal and draft dissertation in attachment. The introduction of draft dissertation what I wrote mostly cope from my proposal. The literature review of my draft dissertation mostly directly cope from some article, so do not just cope them but you can use it.

I have sent you the PPT of my course which is given by the tutor. It may help.

There is a dissertation template you can use to write the dissertation but you do not need to write down the CPD LOG .
You can change the topic if you want. Please write follow the dissertation template, thanks.

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