Describe the functional requirements from the client’s perspective and need.

Terms, Definitions, and Acronyms
These are not only business terms that your client uses, but also technical (IT) terms that you will be using for the developers.  The idea is to make sure both the customer and the developers are on the same sheet, regarding terminology, when they read this document.  Don’t assume!
User Classes and Characteristics
This section describes (in general terms) the computer experience and knowledge of the potential user.  This section provides the foundation for the performance and usability requirements addressed within Section 2.

2.System Features
The following describes the functional requirements from the client’s perspective and need.
Example:  The completed system will provide the following functionality to all users (in general) and will include the ability to:
Manage (add, update) reservations
Manage (add, update, delete) user profiles

Specific functionality for managers & owners (only) will include the ability to:
Manage (add, update, and delete) inventory items
Override sales totals and offer a discount
Receive alerts via text messaging when inventory stock is low
Perform all the functions listed under the employee (legal, maintenance, and clerk) roles

In addition, specific functionality for maintenance personnel will include the ability to:
Generate vehicle history reports

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