Describe the historical trajectory of your issue from its origins (if possible) to its current state.

Criminal Injustice Project
For this project, you will research an issue of criminal injustice (i.e., a social injustice pertaining to the institutions and/or ideologies that characterize crime and criminal punishment in North America) by 1) tracing its development, 2) reviewing existing literature, and then 3) synthesizing your findings to reach conclusions about possible solutions based on empirical evidence. This assignment is designed to 1) assess your understanding of socio-criminological concepts and theory, 2) provide practice for writing manuscripts in academic and professional settings, and 3) foster an appreciation for the possibility of progressive social change.
Your project should include the following sections in the following order: Introduction; Overview; Three-Part Action Plan; and References.
I. Introduction (approximately 4-6 sentences; worth 10%)
• Briefly introduce your issue and its significance (5%).
• The last sentence(s) of your introduction should be a thesis statement that makes a sociologically-informed claim about your issue of criminological injustice which your overview will explain and/or prove (5%).
• For more information about writing an introduction refer to
• For more information about writing a thesis statement refer to
II. Overview (approximately 3-6 pages; worth 40%)
• Describe the historical trajectory of your issue from its origins (if possible) to its current state.
• Present socio-criminological academic material that contextualizes the issue you are studying:
o Include a discussion of two or more relevant socio-criminological concepts and/or theories from the class texts or lecture material (20%).
o Include a discussion of two or more relevant peer-reviewed socio-criminological articles from social science journals published no earlier than January of 2000 (20%).
• For more information about finding peer-reviewed articles refer to
• For more information about writing a literature review refer to
III. Three-Part Action Plan (approximately 3-6 pages; worth 40%)
• Detail three realistic social, economic, and/or political suggestions for addressing your issue.
• Defend your action plan by providing qualitative and/or quantitative data that supports and illustrates the possible outcomes of implementing your suggestions.
IV. References (and Internal Citations) (worth 10%)
• List any source of information used for your project as an American Sociological Association (ASA) style reference with corresponding ASA internal citations.
• For more information on references and internal citations refer to
Other Requirements:
• Submit your final project by the due date as a hard-copy in class.
• Use double-spacing, 1 inch margins, and a professional font (such as Times New Roman or Arial).
• To check for plagiarism and spelling/grammatical errors, submit your project to the associated Dropbox folder on D2L at least once before submitting your final hard-copy in class (note: Turnitin may take up to 24 hours to produce results).
• Include an appendix at the end of your manuscript if you need to include any additional information or images that are too large to be contained within the primary manuscript without disrupting the flow of your paper. In the body of your paper, insert the phrase “see Appendix” parenthetically at the end of the sentence when referring to information listed in the appendix.
• Note: Worth percentages are approximations. The distribution of points is also guided by the General Grading Rubric (see below).

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