Describe the industry’s relative economic performance.

Information used in the written assignments must be appropriately cited in APA format. Lack of citations and/or a bibliography can be considered a form of plagiarism and will be penalized accordingly. Papers will be submitted through Sakai into Turn It In.
Students are to research and address the following issues:
Describe the industry including such items as
o The nature of competition in the industry (monopoly, monopolistic competition, perfect competition, etc.)
o The HH index for the industry
o Whether the industry is heavily capital intensive, labor intensive or both
o Types of customers the industry serves (consumers, other businesses, government, etc.)
o Foreign competition, barriers to entry, etc.

For the past ten years, describe the industry’s relative economic performance in terms of:
o Growth
o Cost and price Inflation
o Use of natural resources
o Employment
o Other characteristics and parameters you consider important as relevant to the industrys future economic prospects, e.g.,:
Technology impacts
Foreign competition
Government relations
Changes in supply (changes in costs input costs, taxes, etc.) and demand (changes in customer incomes, preferences, etc.) and impact
For at least 2 major players in the industry, describe the companies including
o Size (assets, number of employees, number of countries in which it operates, etc.)
o Profits for last 3 years
o Changes in stock prices over last 3 years
o Acquisitions, mergers in the last 3 years
o Other issues you think might be important
Note: If the industry is a monopoly, you can only describe one player, but you must do it in more depth.

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