Describe the mix methods between qualitative and quantitive data collection.

The module name: Management research. In this research proposal, I am looking at the link between quality and the satisfaction among the samsung customers, and how the product quality and service quality affect the Samsung customer satisfaction. You can talk about how they are doing the service in the UK to impress the customer, or etc.

However, In the introduction part, should include why are you choosing/ think it is important/interest: Product quality, Service quality, and customer satisfaction.

for the literature review; should include: explore the literature review on the service quality , how the product and service quality affect the customer satisfaction, etc.

For the research strategy and Methods, I will use the mix methods between qualitative and quantitive data collection, by interviewing and observation the service and customer, or when the customers are served.

For the further structure of the research proposal, please look at the module handbook on whole page 8.

For the topic question on the module handbook on page 7 that I have chosen is the second topic question.: “An investigation of the impact of culture of quality on the performance of a company/ sector of you choice.” *** please feel free to adjust my topic title as it appropriates, which is: “Examining the quality which is impact to the customer satisfaction of the samsung service”
please look at the page 11-13 for the references.

***Please make a bullet point(s) on aim of objective***

****** Please note that I am not being asked to carry out the research, but please make the proposal it look realistic. the pass mark on this module is 50%

Can I please ask to deliver the first draft on Monday? please save it as Microsoft word file with a doc or docx file.

I will upload the module handbook for you later.

please make the references as uwe harvard style .

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