Describe the most ARROGANT person you know. What makes this person so ARROGANT?

Directions: Use your vocabulary bingo, your vocabulary textbook, & any other resources you would like to answer the following questions about your vocabulary words.  Each answer should be 3-5 sentences long & should show your COMPLETE understanding of the vocabulary words.  Write as much information as possible to explain your answers.

1.  Describe the most ARROGANT person you know.  What makes this person so ARROGANT?

2.  List some JARGON you have recently heard.  Who said this JARGON?  How is this classified as JARGON?

3.  Who is your most LENIENT professor this semester?  Explain what makes this professor LENIENT giving three specific examples.

4.  What is the worst CALAMITY you have ever witnessed or heard about in your life?  What made this such a great CALAMITY?  Explain using three specific examples.

5.  Who do you think has made a PROFOUND impact on our society?  Explain in detail.

6.  Describe a VERSATILE tool.  What makes this tool so VERSATILE?

7.  When is a time in your life that your parents have acted STRINGENTLY towards you?  What happened as a result of their STRINGENCY?

8.  Describe the most SPECTACULAR view you have ever seen.  Explain what made this SPECTACULAR.

9.  When have you been in TURMOIL in your life?  What caused you to feel TURMOIL?

10.What is a song you know that has

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