Describe the reinterpretation of sacrifice in the vedic tradition.

ASSIGNMENT: Using AT LEAST the Purusa Sukta (from the Vedic material), and AT LEAST ONE later text, which we read together in this class (in either Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, or Sikhism), make an argument about the reinterpretation of sacrifice as seen in the later text. You may use other Vedic texts to augment your claim—just remember the chronological claim that the Vedic texts precede the texts in Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Think about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of sacrifice in these traditions. You should ask yourself questions like: What is sacrifice in the material you have chosen? How and why does sacrifice change? What seems to be the point of sacrifice in the Vedic material compared to the later text you are looking at? You should not read anything from outside this course to complete this assignment. Even still, you have a lot of choice for this paper topic. Be careful and specific in your argument, whatever you choose it to be. Think before you start writing. Remember, you are proving something to me as your reader. If I cannot disagree with your thesis statement, then you do not have a thesis statement. You need to be making an argument. You are taking an element that was important in the earliest manifestations of the traditions and showing how the texts of the later tradition demonstrate a reinterpretation of the earlier understanding. Remember that you are making an argument. You are not just retelling a text to me, but proving how a text illustrates your central claim about the reinterpretation of sacrifice. Be sure to cite your texts to support your claims. CITATION REQUIREMENT: You must cite 1) Purusa Sukta, 2) one other primary source text, and 3) Invitation to World Religions. You may cite more primary sources. FORMAT: 3-­5 pages, typed, double-­spac

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