Describe the role of case management in the end of life care.

Directions: For your final project you will synthesize all of the lessons learned in the course. You will write a 8-10 page paper in APA format not including the title or reference pages. Your paper is due on the last week of the course. The grading criteria for this paper is the same as all of your other written assignments. You are asked to develop a comprehensive case management plan for a terminally ill client. You may choose to write a plan for a 65 y/o man who is dying from congestive heart failure or for a woman who is 32 y/o dying of ovarian cancer. Be certain to include the following components: Describe the model of case management you will utilize. Identify actual resources in your local community that is available to your holistic plan of care. Describe what resources are lacking in your community and how you might be able to retain these resources for the client. Discuss who will be involved in the plan and their roles as well as their time frames of involvement. Explain clearly how each member of the team will document the plan of care. Describe the role of case management in the end of life care. Explain how case management will be evaluated in the end. Discuss how you or the team will protect themselves from litigation

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