Describe the side effect of the war on drugs example who was really hurt badly in the war.

This essay need a strong thesis statement, a conclusion that confirms it.And should focus on one aspect of the side effect of the war on drugs example who was really hurt badly in the war The war on drugs was a war meant to eradicate drug trafficking but its effects have been devastating. It has cost lives. The problem statement of this essay is that drug war is affecting the society negatively more than it does positively. Pick one segment, the black family , or the drug culture population and prove you point. The reference need to be checked for accuracy and grammar and spellings.. A correct Table of Content It has to be edited or rewritten where needed, must be formatted according to Turabian edition 8 this is a ph.d level paper. Need a excellent writer. There is a practical sheet that should reflect the completed paper. if you have question , please ask?

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