Describe the type of trauma that the person has experienced and the effects that it had on their body.

Writing a case study report using a personal account about an acute traumatic injury and then use this, and the knowledge and understanding you have gained to write a brief case report about the individual concerned that could be understood by a non-expert, such as a
member of the persons family. The personal account you need to read is a report published in The Guardian newspaper called My husband, Andrew Marr, had a stroke and now I know it could happen to anybody. The article describes the consequences when this individual experienced a tear in his carotid artery this damage would have caused blood clots to break off and travel around his body in his blood stream.

Your case report should consist of a piece of formal writing, no more than 600 words in length, that describes the case in your own words using properly constructed sentences and paragraphs. You are required to use scientific language, but make sure you explain any scientific terms used so that the family member you are writing for would be able to understand the content of your report. Dont forget to give your report a title.

We suggest that you start your case report in the following way: This report describes the
case of X, an X-year-old male/female who then in the rest of the report briefly:
– Describe the type of trauma that the person has experienced and the effects that it
had on their body.
– Describe how the type of trauma would have been diagnosed quickly so that the
correct treatment could be given.
– Describe how that appropriate treatment would have helped to heal and restore
– Describe any health risk factors that may have made this individual vulnerable to this
type of trauma.
– Describe the long-term physical, psychological or social consequences of the trauma
for this individual and conclude with your judgement of the likelihood of a full-long
term recovery.

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