Describe what it sounds like using dynamic language and prose.

Describe what it sounds like using dynamic language and prose
Describing musical sounds (e.g. use of creative language, metaphor and analogy, suggestion) Employing musical language and terminology (e.g. use of terms associated with rhythm, melody,
texture, harmony, dynamics, form, timbre, etc.) Developing writing style and exploring poetic license
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Let your voice come out in the writing more; be more creative in your choice of descriptive adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and your overall approach; use metaphors, humor, etc.; dont write so clinically.

Be Specific
List song titles, moments in specific songs, names of singers and musicians, etc.

Pick an Angle / Approach
Organize your observations. After listening to a piece of music, freewrite or write a series of notes on your raw reactions to the work. Then, choose a thesis or central idea from your notes and use description to illustrate that idea, argument and/or thesis. Dont write until you organize your thoughts!

Word Hit List
Under no circumstances should you use any of the following:

Fun, good, bad, soulful, genuine, real, really, definitely, great, totally, I like, emotional, authentic, in conclusion, in summary, I observed, in my opinion, this is evident, you can tell that, etc.

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