design a coral reef sampling or data collection expedition

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Firstly, we will buy a ship in order to travel around the world. Besides, we still need get the apparatus for

hunting the sharks, such as air tanks, various high tech fins and some swimming suits for the

oceanographers to wear. By the way, we are not going to hunt a large number of sharks. As we only /
Florence Wong
Wai Shan Chan
Date: May 10. 2007
Assignment 4: The expedition of sharks
We are collecting data about the changes in number of different kinds of sharks in each year. Thus, we
have collected the data about how the pollution affects the number of sharks. Additionally, Greenpeace
is the environmental protection organization. It emphasizes that all the countries should stop hunting
the sharks. On the other hand, Greenpeace didn’t provide a strong supportive scientific data to prove
which kind of whales should be protected. Therefore, we are going to collect those data.
want to collect some data from them. We will go to the Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean,
Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean for our expedition. We are going to hunt some sharks in each
area for knowing their types. We are also going to draw a table to statistics the number of different
kinds of sharks. We would also like to make a chart to show the changes of numbers of the sharks.
Blue sharks
Types of sharks Arctic Ocean Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Southern Ocean
Bull sharks
Lemon sharks
Great white
Tiger sharks
Whale sharks
Moreover, we would like to focus on the causes of the pollution that affect the number of the sharkss.
We are going to research for the pollution index for each specific year, as well as the polluted
substances exists in each ocean. For instance, we are going to have a record similar to this: {October
2006. Oil tanker had an accident in the Pacific Ocean. 7% of the ocean water contains oil. 15% of the
tiger sharks are died because ofthis oil-spilling accident.}
In summary, the oceanographic significance of this expedition is that we can provide the general data to
analyze which kind of sharks are in danger of extinction. In fact, the prohibition of sharks increases some
kinds of sharks. If only the specific kinds of sharks increase more that they are supposed to increase, it’s
going to destroy the ecosystem of the ocean. Moreover, our data which we are going to collect for
expedition could provide how the pollution affects the number of sharks in each ocean. Therefore, many
people could understand how important to avoid the pollution.
In conclusion, both Japanese and Chinese traditionally eat shark’s fin in varies ways of food, but only in
Japan are not prohibited to hunt sharks. Therefore, we learned that we could make sure that some kinds
of sharks are abundant and they could be eaten by others. However, we have the rights to help
protecting sharks that are in danger of extinction. Indeed, Greenpeace should specify which kind of
sharks should be protected or should be eaten. We know that the number of tiger sharks increases
rapidly, and they often die because of starvation. From doing the assignment, we learn that all marine
animals interact one other to maintain the suitable ecosystem in the ocean. In addition, the pollution is
caused by human beings could damage the ecosystem. Beside from these, we have also learned the
harmfulness of the pollution towards the marine animals. Thus, we have to stop the water pollution.