Design Concept Of Design Thinking.


1. Complete a thoroughly researched essay defining the concept of design thinking.
-structure your work under heading and sub heading
-Evidence of your knowledge and engagement of Design thinking issues

-Introduce your work
-Explanation of how your examples are linked in some way (using the same professional area of business eg. technology examples)

-My Own definition of Design thinking
(write your own definition of design thinking)

-Examples of design thinking in business world
-Evaluation of Design Thinking impact on business strategy in a global context
-Evidence of your engagement and knowledge of issues

Example 1 – Jurong general Hospital, Singapore (Design: Ong& Ong and Som Design)

Example 2- Here East, London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic park

Example 3- Campbell’s Soup Can, Design: Andy Warhol

Example 4- Nike Air Jordan shoes – Design: Tinker Hatfiled

In Addition:

Show understanding of Design thinking concepts such as :

The Knowledge funnel: Mystery, heuristic and Algorithm

Understand – Observe- point of view – Ideate – Prototype – test

Key Reading (important) :

Martin, R. (2009). The Design of Business: Why Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage. Harvard Business Press

Indicative text and web site:

Brown, T. (2009). Change by design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation. Harper Business

Lockwood, T. (2009). Design Thinking: Integrated Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value. Allworth Press

Brown, T. (2009). Tim Brown urges designers to think big. (URL:


Thank you very much.

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