Determine the inheritance types of eye color and body color.

I already provided one page of the lab report, but I’m having problems with determining the inheritance types of eye color and body color. (the eye color is sex-linked).
Based on the data, a chi-square analysis should be performed to determine if the ratios expected are the same as the observed ratios. For this, the modes of inheritance for the two traits should be determined and what the expected ratios should be based on the mendelian genetics (ratio of phenotypes…)

I will provide 2 lab reports on the similar topic, it should serve as a template for placement and structure.

I will also provide my draft, which you can work on with the calculations etc. (the paper should be to complete my draft)

I will also provide the grading criteria for this lab report (very important).

It’s due this sunday, 8AM Boston, MA time.

2 separate sources should be used in the discussion for previous similar work by scientists, biological implications etc.
The most important part is the discussion and the chi-square analysis.

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