Develop a Plan for Implementation.

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In community practice, the practitioner (change agent system) is usually working with or for a social work agency, organization, or community group (action system) to bring about a change in an agency, organization or community (target system). The macro practitioner who works alone or from outside the macro system will invariably be ineffective. Generally the role of the practitioner is to assist and empower others to affect changes they have determined they want to bring about. While the practitioner may have the knowledge and competency to research a problem, guide toward a particular intervention approach, evaluate effectiveness of the intervention, etc., the importance of first engaging with others in the action system in the planning and implementation of the change effort cannot be underestimated.

For this assignment, select for a change effort (goal) one of the community problems identified in the Community Assessment. Develop a plan for engaging the agency or community in the change effort, e.g. determine who will be part of the action system and how you will engage with them – do not plan to implement this change alone. [In “real life,” you would normally have already been engaged with the action system, and they would have been involved in carrying out the assessment, engaging with the target system, deciding upon a mutually-agreed focus for change.] Select a Change Approach and explain why you believe that to be the appropriate orientation. Determine your Goals, Objectives and Action Steps. Develop a Plan for Implementation. Include a plan to evaluate the Intervention, a plan for Termination and a plan for Follow-Up. As part of the PREPARE process, include a Force Field Analysis of forces for and against the change effort.

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