Developing a Sales Training Process

Unit IV Assignment
Developing a Sales Training Process
You are a sales manager for a corporation that sells software to local businesses. You have been asked to create a new training process for a new group of salespeople who have been recently hired. Describe your sales training process using the six interrelated steps discussed in your textbook.

assess sales training needs
set training objectives
evaluate training alternatives
design sales training alternatives
design sales training program
perform sales training
conduct follow up and evaluation

Be sure to identify specific, measurable, and obtainable sales training objectives.
Your process should consist of at least three pages, not counting a title page or reference page Make sure that any sources used, including your textbook, are cited and referenced properly using APA formatting. Outside sources other than your textbook are not required but can add depth to your response.

The textbook is sales management, analysis and decision making 9th edition if needed.

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