Dialogue between person and faith and a skeptic of Gods existence

Write an imaginary 500-600 word dialogue between a person of faith and a skeptic about the existence of God. The characters should discuss and debate at least two of the arguments for God\’s existence (ontological, cosmological, moral, or teleological). They should also talk about the relationship between faith and reason (i.e., does it make sense to believe in God if we can\’t prove that God exists?). The dialogue can end in disagreement or agreement. Give the characters names, and make it interesting!Important things to remember:This assignment must be written entirely in your own words. Make use of the course material but do not do external research such as looking for ideas on the Internet.Treat the characters in your dialogue as intelligent and informed.Make sure your characters engage each other. The skeptic should be trying to disprove what the person of faith is saying and vice-versa. It shouldn\’t simply be each character explaining their views.The best dialogues will bring together many aspects of the two content presentations on God and Religion rather than focusing solely on the arguments for God\’s existence.(if writer would like images of my course material please contact me)

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