Diarrhea and the potential complication of Metabolic Acidosis.Explain

2)Complete assignment to demonstrate Unit 2 Knowledge Acquisition
3)Responses should be narrative meaning in paragraph form: Concisely telling a story.
4)APA, spelling, grammar, and punctuation matter this should reflect a professional submission
5)Have some fun applying some of the knowledge you have acquired, using the resources you have at hand. Be sure to include your resources in the references.
Added on 02.11.2015 19:56
I wanted to make a couple clarifications

#1) Regarding the case study

There is a question following the R.R. (Roger Rabbit) case study that references Mary.please respond to this question from R.R.s case review

Under the S.T. (Shirley Temple) case study, there is a question regarding the ST changes on ECG.The ST abbreviation here stands for ST wave changes (refer to the assessment & findings section of the case report)

#2)There was a question regarding Diarrhea and the potential complication of Metabolic Acidosis.I was in err to state this is related to the excess loss of hydrogen ions. In truth the Metabolic acidosis is related to the excess bicarbonate losses (as seen on page 1290 of your textbook).

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