Diffraction Grating report

1. Aim & objectives of the experiment
Explain the aim & objectives of the experiment.
2. Introduction
Mention the experiment.
Explain the principle of the experiment.
3. Equipmentused
List the equipment you used.
4. Safety
Did you consider any safety issues while carrying out the
experiment? Explain.
5. Method
Provide any ray diagrams or diagrams that you used.
Explain the formula and terms used with appropriate units.
Explain the procedure.
6. Results
Include the tables.
Attach the relevant graphs.
Show the working for each type of calculation.
7. Uncertainties
Explain the uncertainty involved in the experiment.
Error analysis should be provided here.
8. Discussion
Discuss your result
Relate your findings to the theory.
What result did you expect? What did you get? If you got unexpected result what went wrong? How it could have been rectified.
9. Conclusion
Give your conclusions.
10.References & Bibliography
List the references you used (books, websites etc.). Harvard

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