Discuss about Cost reduction and The Effects of Global Lower Oil Prices in Maersk Oil Qatar.

Internship Proposal Letter

Name : Maytha Al- Shahwani
Student Number: 356689
I.P coordinator: Razan Al-Khated
IBMS 2015-2016

Cover Letter
Maytha H Al-Shahwani,
P.O. Box
Stenden university Qatar.
January 17, 2016.

Human Resource Manager,
Maersk Oil Company,
P.O. Box 22050,
Doha, Qatar.
Dear sir/Madam,
I am writing to request for an internship opportunity with Maersk Oil. By the end of the internship period, I intend to have achieved some key learning goals I have in life. Firstly, Improvement of my leadership skills, engaging in collaborative work with colleagues and learning about Maersk Oil is key. Secondly, I would like to earn a management position of project coordinator within the production department as one of my key career goals. Most importantly, I have two learning career goals that I intend to fulfill concerning the knowledge and skills. The other goals I intend to achieve include; knowledge acquisition, improving writing and communication skills. Being a multinational Oil and gas company with over 40% of Qatar’s daily Oil generation, I find Maersk Oil Company an ideal place for me.
My research project is based on the Cost reduction and the effects of global lower oil prices in your company. As an intern, I intent to engage in a number of activities including coordination of FM projects that are in accordance to the standards of Maersk Oil. This would be achieved through the establishment of clear ownership of the project tasks. I will ensure that my team members have the requisite tools needed to complete and deliver their tasks. I will support the FM management by providing developing tools such as forms and reports in a visible and transparent manner. Consequently, I will manage the delivery of facilities and projects within the set budget and time through coordination and facilitation.
For the purposes of assurance and certainty, attached is my resume detailing my personal and background information. Otherwise, I will be available in case of any further inquiry or interview at your preferred time of appointment.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,
Maytha H Al-Shahwani.

About The Project
The project is about Cost reduction and The Effects of Global Lower Oil Prices in Maersk Oil Qatar. The research will dwell on finding the mechanisms through which the management of the company will minimize costs. In consideration is the impact of global low prices of Oil on the operations of the company and employee’s motivation. The economic and social factors that are affecting the problem under study are keenly identified

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