Discuss about Using Using 3D Garment Software programs in the curriculum of Apparel and Textiles.

The topic of my research paper is about Using Using 3D Garment Software programs in the curriculum of Apparel and Textiles. I want you to write at the beginning interdiction that state the main point of the all the articles (You will explain what are the articles talk about in general just one paragraph) then you will start writing my literature reviews for 15 articles. I will upload a paper (Annotation Template) that includes the details that I want you to write for each article. Each article will take half page. Also, I will upload an example of the literature review to clarify what I want you to write for each paper. I want you to use simple words because English is my second language. If you need more then 10 pages let me know please. Also, I want you to group the articles based on the main idea; for example, if two articles talk about using 3d for fabric, so write them in two different paragraphs but under one subheading. And do the same with rest articles. The files from 1 to 5 are for the interdiction: in the interdiction please write way 3d 3D Garment Software programs is important and how it will benefit the students if it is integrated into the curriculum of clothing and textiles. The articles from L.R 1 to 15 that what you will write a short summary about them. Files 6 and 7 will be an explanation of how to write stud

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