Discuss Business Ethics

o Must be a minimum of 700 words (more is better) and include at least five outside references in addition to the textbook. The cover page and references do not count toward the 700 words.
o Full APA format (6th Edition) to be used including a cover page and separate reference page. Headings (both Level I and Level II subheadings) should be used to provide structure to your paper. Any submission that is one, long text document with no structure will not be graded.
o Within the paper, please put the concept that you are noting in bold font. You need to use concepts we have covered through the fourth week of class to support your ideas.
o All submissions will be queried through Turnitin.com for originality, so please do not cut/paste from other sources without citing and referencing. No more than 10% of the paper should be direct quotes or paraphrased. Write in your own words.

4th week topics

Limited Liability Company
Government Regulation

Ethical Ramifications of Corporations

Course Outcomes
Identify and discuss ethical issues in business situations.
Select and defend a mode of action from among possible alternatives.
Learning Outcomes:
Assess the ethical and legal dimensions of corporations.

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