Discuss Corporate Social Responsibility

This is a discussion questions

There is no doubt that many for-profit, commercial organizations are completing wonderful service projects and acting as responsible corporate citizens in the communities they serve. The Socialbrite website suggests four examples:

Molson/Coors is supporting responsible drinking.
Tyson Foods is fighting childhood hunger.
Haagen Dazs is raising awareness about the loss of honeybees.
Waste Management funded a green website called Greenopolis.
This is a three part question. Please make sure you address all parts.

Part 1: Are these examples of companies that want to do the right thing for society, or is it about good public relations and the bottom line? Is corporate social responsibility good for business or are they driven by altruistic goals and sincere motivations?
Part 2: Does a company need a corporate social responsibility policy or agenda?
Part 3: If you were designing a corporate social responsibility campaign, project or strategy, what would you do to ensure it does not appear to be hollow, self-serving, and inauthentic?
Note: When forming your opinion and presenting your ideas, remember to provide evidence (e.g. an authoritative source) and share examples that support your point of view.

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