Discuss Environmental Cost-Benefit analysis

7.3 Due on 30 NOV 0800
Consider that your corporation is expanding its manufacturing operations and is considering the purchase of a large building to house its manufacturing equipment in the expansion process. Suppose the CEO of the corporation asked you, their Environmental & Safety Manager, to conduct a feasibility study and cost-benefit analyses on the building to see if it is a good purchase. If the building is purchased, your corporation is responsible for any environmental cleanup of, which is required from a regulatory perspective, from existing site contamination, if any. During a site assessment of the site, significant subsurface contamination with waste oil was discovered at the site. The result of this site assessment is available to you for use in your analyses whether or not to purchase the property. Assume that the extent and degree of the contamination is known to you from the results of the site assessment. Further assume that a good part of the contaminated soil will have to be remediated to meet regulatory cleanup levels. The groundwater meets regulatory cleanup concentration and need not be remediated any further. To accomplish a thorough SRO and a cost-benefit analysis, you must compare the overall cost to purchase the building and property with the profits that the additional manufacturing will generate. In your paper describe what steps, cost items, radiation data to collect and analyze and what other factors you will consider in determining remediation costs. Note that in this analysis, it is not required to cost out the remediation project. But the factors you will consider for the costing of the remediation project are required for the paper.

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