Discuss How lessons from emerging economies can be drawn on by poorer regions and nations.

Project description
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I know which field I would like to write in, Development Economics, with specific reference to Ghana (West Africa). Below you can find the description of the course.

The International Development Institute focuses on \’emerging economies,\’ both to explore the sources of their success as well as understand the major development challenges they continue to face. The fast growing and changing societies in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East raise new questions about national development and promoting sustainable and equitable growth. In turn, they offer vital lessons for each other, for poorer economies, and even for the developed West.

The Institute has three research themes:

The comparative investigation of emerging economies;

How emerging economies promote equitable development;

How lessons from emerging economies can be drawn on by poorer regions and nations.

As a new institute, Kings International Development Institute has not yet begun its work, but the key research clusters the Institute seeks to support divide between the two key poles of inclusive development, ie the policies, politics and economics of ensuring that the broad population share in the benefits of growth and wealth; and national development, ie the policies, politics and economics of promoting and sustaining economic growth. Both clusters of research contribute to an understanding of the larger, unifying question of how economies/societies move from lower-value added, less durable and less inclusive modes of economic and political organization to higher value-added, durable, and broadly inclusive modes.

I would like my proposal to be within one these three research areas.

Thank you.

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