Discuss on Ruffin v. Entertainment of the Eastern Panhandle.

Project description
Introduction- The introduction defines the problem to be examined and explains the parameters or limitations of the situation.
Overview- The overview/analysis provides a scenario of the situation and offers more detail about the various players in the scenario, including the organization, its employees or other people involved with the issue in question. It may also mention professional, technical or theoretical issues that arise from the situation. This is adjusted based on the questions posed.
Status- The status report presents the situation to date but does not offer the solution to the problem. It describes the organizations actions on the matter.
Case Problem- The case problem may do the following:
Give a situation and ask learners what they would do next.
Set a task, such as asking learners to prepare a report recommending an action for review by a key official.
Illustrate a scenario and ask learners to analyze the faults and recommend how it should have been handled.
This is usually the question posed in the textbook.
Case Analysis- The analysis will combine the overview and problem and offer viable options as solutions to the identified problem.
Please note: It may be necessary to modify this format based on the question; however, you should strive to provide a robust response to each question. Sometimes components of the case study are short, but your suggested solutions and responses should be supported by fact, law, etc.

While there is not a page limit, you are required to use the format outlined above for each case study. Do not submit the question and an answer such as your opinion, without support. This is a paper that should be submitted as a formal writing using APA formatting for references. The analysis that is required for these assignments is based on critical thinking and your ability to problem solve. The assignment should not be less than two (2) pages.

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