Discuss politics.

Interested in what aspect of political science (campaigns, opinion, law, media, US Constitution, civil rights and liberties, etc.)
My most important political activity
Three comments about modern politics and the contemporary political scene:
Comment 1:
Comment 2:
Comment 3:

give comment on this :The media is too involved in the modern political scene. no one takes time to do their own research and form their own opinions.
social media can still be used to great effect if used correctly to spread awareness of political issues. i.e instead of shouting an opinion, present links with formal information for people to read on their own.
Some issues may never be solved due to human nature, but awareness of the issue can help as much as possible.
Although the internet makes it easy for the media to deliver false information, I think it also became a useful platform for most people who are afraid to speak up.
Comment 2: In regards to comment 1, sharing a post on Facebook about voting, womens march, Black Lives Matter is not the same as actively and actually doing something for a cause.
Comment 3: I tend to stay away from politics but I am hoping that this class will change that.

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