Discuss Remedial investigation of soil and groundwater contamination located at a warehouse

6.3 – Assignment: Summary Paper Due on 23 NOV 0800
Submit a two to three page summary on the following waste disposal issue (about 500 to 750 words):

Suppose that your manufacturing facility asked you, their Environmental & Safety Manager, to conduct a remedial investigation of soil and groundwater contamination located at a warehouse they purchased, as is, from another corporation. Your corporation is responsible for any environmental cleanup from existing contamination, if any. Such industrial real estate transactions are not uncommon when the selling price is attractive to the purchaser. During a preliminary assessment of the site, significant subsurface contamination with waste oil was discovered. Because the location of the source material (i.e., waste oil) was unknown, a waste delineation program must be conducted to determine the primary source and extent of the oil contamination. In addition, an estimate of the amount of waste oil contaminated soil to be excavated and removed from the site must be established. The site has three buildings containing industrial equipment where different kinds of oils were used in previous manufacturing processes. These three buildings are presently not being used for any activity. There is also evidence of the use of a relatively large subsurface pit by the previous property owner to dispose of used oils, prior to shutting down their manufacturing operations in the building.

Design a waste oil delineation program which will confirm the extent of soil impact, presence of waste oil floating on groundwater (if any) and a dissolved contaminant in the groundwater (if any). The purpose of this delineation should be to estimate the amount of waste oil contaminated soil and groundwater (if any) to be excavated and removed from the site. To accomplish a thorough delineation study, consider the former manufacturing activities in the facility, where waste oils could potentially be produced, how much waste oil was produced, how it was disposed, potential interviews with former employees and neighbors, and so forth.

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