Discuss Stem cells therapies for neurodegenerative disease

Identify the research topic in your title and use APA formatting for the entire paper.
Your Synthesis should include the following pieces:
Summarize the research area presented in paper, and what background has been provided?
Discuss the research question(s) being pursued in this paper, and the methods to pursue it?
Synthesize, or analyze, the research literature, along with the rationale and significance of the research area why is this research important to the broader discipline?
Use APA formatting for references and in-text citations; include the article you are summarizing in your references page.
Identify a research question of interest based on your synthesis, or analysis of the research.

The paper has to be between 400 to 600 words, the main idea is the used of stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative disease, I do have to use 4 different sources, and analyze each one but not too deep, just answering the main topic question. The person who I am focusing on is Dr. Kiminobu Sugaya.
I will be providing the different the sources.

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