Discuss Storing Digital Information

In this weeks lesson, you explored two (2) different types of cloud-based information storage–Google Drive and Dropbox.

Now search for and review two (2) more cloud-based storage options, preferably different than your classmates posts. Consider the privacy and security issues that could go along with publicly posting ones own work. Of the four (4) storage options you now know about, which cloud-based storage would you choose? Why? What are some of the solutions strengths and weaknesses?

Consider reading user reviews as part of your research this week. Be thinking about how the reviewers present their thoughts–do user reviews impact your own analysis of the storage solution? Why or why not? To round out your objective analysis, mention what you discovered from user reviews?

Share the links of the two new storage solutions you researched.

Make an initial post by 11:55pm ET Thursday of Week 3. Reply to at least 2 classmates and manage your own thread.

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