Discuss the campus safety survey was conducted to establish which social group is at a higher risk of becoming victims of assault or criminal offense.

Victimization Report
Report Introduction
The campus safety survey was conducted to establish which social group is at a higher risk of becoming victims of assault or criminal offense. It included a survey of 1670 respondents’ sourced from five class levels, from first years to graduate student. However, among the 1670 students interviewed, 47 did not complete their responses and were ignored in the analysis of data as shown in Table 1. The majority of the students included in the study were of the white race, followed by students of Asian origin and then other minority groups as shown in Table two of the analysis report. The survey focused on students who live within and outside the campus premises because they are equally prone to the victimization incidents and were easily accessible to participate in the report. Moreover, the report acknowledges the racial disparity in the college, where the predominant race comprises the Caucasian students. Accordingly, this aspect was highly taken into consideration during the analysis with ratio and response considered before any conclusion was made. To meet the survey objectives, relevant questions were included in the questionnaire and they were arranged in a chronological manner depending on the objective they were intended to answer.
The respondent’s demographic information was given high priority as they are significant in fulfilling the current public perception on victimization. Thus, the analysis used race for inference and correlated it with several acts of victimization. The criminal acts that were included in the study included sexual attacks, physical attack, threatening, theft, property vandalization, and identity theft. The criminal acts were divided in order identify the most prevalent crime in the college premises. Consequently, this would help stakeholders know which criminal problem is of high priority when seeking a response to the problem. Apart from determining the nature of the criminal act, the study also aimed to find out the students perception about various forms of crime during their stay in the college vicinity. The underlying theme was to know if the students felt secure or not.
The Methodology
The sampling technique used to identify the respondents to be included in the study was simple random sampling, students residing in the College and outside were included in the study and the questionnaire was prepared in a way that students could understand the questions being asked in the simplest way possible. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS cross tabulations and descriptive techniques. The Correlation technique was used for analysis as it gives a clear picture of the underlying issue.

Table 1
class standing
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid First-year student 333 19.9 20.5 20.5
sophomore 372 22.3 22.9 43.4
junior 368 22.0 22.7 66.1
senior 300 18.0 18.5 84.6
graduate student 250 15.0 15.4 100.0
Total 1623 97.2 100.0
Missing System 47 2.8
Total 1670 100.0

Table 2

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