Discuss the Glass of menagerie

For your assignment, I would like you to step into the character of Tom, Amanda, Laura, or Jim. We only know of them from what tom winfield has presented to us in Tennessee williams memory play, The glass of menagerie. If you will, select a character and analyze him or her as you see the character portrayed with a fresh view of your own. this may or may not agree with the way tom sees and presents the character in the play. In any case, your understanding and analysis of the character (i.e., the point of view or voice) should be in third person perspective, to convert an essence of objectivity and credibility which will be further enhanced by your use of facts from the play.

PS. I have pics of the play/story in the book i must use for the paper. once i pick a writer i will send those pics to you for you to use to write the paper. THANKS!

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