Discuss the major etiologies of sensory, communication, physical, and health impairments.

Chapter 11: Students with Sensory, Communication, Physical and Health Impairments
Directions for Completing the Chapter 11 Assignment
Guiding Questions:
Use the following guiding questions to navigate through the content you will find in the text and power point presentation for chapter 11.

You have just been informed that you will have a student entering your general education classroom in a month that has an extreme visual impairment. The student can see shadows and light that allow the student to be mobile without any assistance other than a cane. The student does not have enough vision to read print no matter how large. The student reads Braille and uses a computer to type assignments instead of writing. All textbooks have been provided to the student in Braille and on audio CD.
What questions would you have regarding this student’s educational needs?
What related service personnel might you need to consult with before this student enters your class?
What might be some of the accommodations that might be needed for this student?
What might be one way you could administer test to this student?

Currently some Deaf adults are expressing concern that the move towards inclusion of students with deafness in the general education classroom is not allowing these students to achieve to their fullest academic potential. In addition, some Deaf adults feel the general education classroom prohibits these students form learning about the deaf culture. Advocates of this position are calling for a separate educational system for these students (i.e., separate classes and/or schools). Discuss the pros and cons of a separate educational system for students who are deaf.

Discuss the major etiologies of sensory, communication, physical, and health impairments.

Share your ideas about how as a general education teacher you could successfully include students with visual, hearing, physical, and health impairments in your classroom.

Web Links:
Darius Goes West: http://www.dariusgoeswest.org/
Cerebral Palsy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=new_r23Y22c
Submitting Assignment:
Post your responses to at least three of the guiding questions above in the dropbox inside
the chapter 11 module.

Discussion for Chapter 11:
Complete the discussion for chapter 11 by opening the discussion link inside the chapter 6
module and follow the directions.

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