Discuss the motivational appeals in the ads.

Motivational and Emotional Emotions
Go to any search engine and enter the words, Superbowl ads. Select from any of the links there and carefully examine three of these spots from different years. Discuss the motivational appeals in the ads. Include the URL in your post.
Write out the introduction to your persuasive speech. Why did you select the topic? What do you want your audience to learn/take action on?

Unit 7 Speech Instructions:

The learning space has been having some technical difficulties so this is what we will do for the speeches:

1. Post it in the discussion thread so that your peers can see it.

2. Upload it to the Assignment 7 basket in the dropbox so that I receive it in the dropbox.

Notice that one of your discussion questions this week is about the introduction of your speech and what you hope you to accomplish. That is just a typed discussion questions response.

Please go in the threads and post and comment so that everyone gets some feedback this week!

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