Discuss the validity of Neelie Kroes’s statement for the sport sector.

Your answer may include:
– Discuss the validity of Neelie Kroes’s statement for the sport sector – An analysis of 101 & 102 TFEU – Please provide reference to relevant case law, covering the topic of sport, in the context of EU competition legislation

Assessment criteria: 1. Structure:
1.1. Clear introduction 1.2. Aim & Objective of the CW clearly stated 1.3. Clear summary & Conclusion
2. Presentation skills:
2.1. Grammar, punctuation and spelling 2.2. Effective use of quotation 2.3. Adequately acknowledges sources
3. Content:
3.1. Evidence of wide reading on topic 3.2. Material relevant to topic 3.3. Arguments developed coherently 3.4. Critical analysis of subject
3.5. Presentation of appropriate evidence

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