Discuss Waste Minimization and Reuse.

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project Task: As most of you know, creating waste is both a safety and an economic liability issue for manufacturing facilities. All companies want to reduce the amount of waste they create due to these reasons. There will be many occasions where you, as an environmental professional working for a manufacturing facility, will be called to investigate environmental liability and come up with ways to reduce environmental liability. One of these environmental tasks, at a manufacturing facility, is waste minimization.

Your team will research a paint or a chemical manufacturing facility in detail and identify the product and waste streams generated. This project can be based on Case Studies (i.e., theoretical) using data available via public

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sources, libraries, websites, associates working in such manufacturing facilities, etc. Or, for students whose place of work is such a manufacturing facility, they can use data from their place of work, with appropriate permissions, of course.

Determine the specifics of the waste streams generated in your plant chemical and physical characteristics, volume, etc. Study the waste generating processes, as well. The goal is to minimize the waste generated. Look for ways your team can reduce the waste generated at the source. The ultimate goal in this regard is to minimize waste leaving the facility to streams or other large receiving bodies of water. Some of the questions to ask (and answer), in this Waste Minimization Project, are the following:

Can we change the process(s) generating the waste and thereby reduce the amount of waste generated?
What kinds of wastes are generated? Is it a liquid waste, solid waste or a combination slurry waste?
Can we reduce the amount of waste stream generated by making minor process adjustments?
Can we reuse the waste generated elsewhere in the plant?
Can we reuse the waste stream (or a portion of it) after physical and chemical treatment of the waste?
What are the most effective waste treatment options prior to discharge to receiving bodies of water or the local wastewater treatment facility?
Are there returns from the customer, which is considered a waste most of the time? How do we minimize product returns?
It should have at least 6 references from scientific, published journals, books, articles, etc., and be formatted in current APA format.

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