Discuss what is meant by “ethnography of argument.”

Learning Objectives/Reading Guides

Social Problems, Law and Society
Chapter 2: Law and Social Change: Bringing Social Movements into the Dialectic

Identify the two meanings of social problems.

Understand the various theoretical approaches to understanding social problems.

Critically compare the approaches to crime and deviance, the sociology of the law and social movements.

4. Explain social problems through the lens of the dialectic process.

Social Problems, Law and Society
Chapter 3: Ontological Gerrymandering: The Anatomy of Social Problems Explanations

Discuss what is meant by “ethnography of argument.”

Understand the structure of social problems argument.

Explain how ontological gerrymandering is evident in discussions about marijuana and child abuse.

Describe what is meant by practical management of social problems as compared to solving them.

Social Problems, Law and Society
Chapter 5: A Sociological Analysis of the Laws of Vagrancy

Explain how the social settings of laws can be analyzed to better understand the laws.

Describe the emergence of the law of vagrancy in England in the 1300s.

Assess how the English laws emerged in the United States and how the social setting for these laws differed.

Social Problems, Law and Society
Chapter 19: The State, The Legal Order, and Social Problems

Assess the differences between the government and the state.

Explain the instrumentalist perspective.

Describe structuralist theory and dialectic theory.

Discuss how a dialectic model of state and government decision making can solve problems that are inherent in other theories of the law.

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