Discusshe portfolio tools of Sahara India Pariwar.

I’m asked to assess the portfolio strategy of Sahara India Pariwar since 2000
using public information on the products offered and acquired business units. Using the
portfolio tools discussed in the lecture, you have to develop your view on the complex
portfolio mix and its long-term potential. In addition, you have to consider strategic moves
of your case organization that might facilitate further expansion. You have to address the
following issues: (1) develop a method to map the organizations business portfolio; (2)
identify and discuss the areas of key competence and the type of corporate strategy
pursued by the organization ; (3) discuss and critically apply the portfolio matrix model; (4)
analyse and discuss the strategic moves of competitors and your chosen company’s best
response. You may support some of your arguments by analysing company and market
data. I expect that you use tables/figures/portfolio management organizing frameworks to
provide evidence for your argumentation. Sources (available online):  Use the annual
reports  Check for industry reports

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