Discussion Board 4.1

Instructions: For this assignment, you will write as though you’re the imaginary friend you chose for Assignment 3.2: EN102_Imaginary_Friends.docx (Source: Montgomery College English Faculty). In other words, if you chose Marla as the imaginary friend with whom you would be most likely to disagree, you’ll write from her point of view.As part of Assignment 3.2, you chose an article from the CQ Researcher or Opposing Viewpoints that represented your own point of view on video game violence. Now you get to express a critical response – but from the point of view of someone who disagrees with you. Our assignment will be based on Exercise 2.8 in the textbook, and you will probably find it helpful to base your paragraph on the template for writing a critical response on page 73. Instead of writing about the Gerard Jones article, though, you’ll be writing about the article you found on your own.The critical response template gives you some ways of starting sentences that summarize, as well as sentences that evaluate and support an opinion. Remember, though, that this opinion will be your imaginary friend’s, not your own.Your paragraph should be NO LONGER than 250 words, not including your Works Cited entry.YOU MUST LOGIN AND USE THIS TEXTBOOK TO COMPLETE THIS ASIGNMENT. PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY.I HAVE ATTACHED TWO OTHER DOCUMENTS THAT WILL NEED TO USED IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT. NO LONGER THAN 250 WORDS.PART 2 TO ASSIGNMENT:Instructions:This assignment will be based on Exercise 4.1 on page 108 (template), but you will analyze the same article you used for Discussion topic 4.1.As you saw in Chapter 4, there are some significant differences between a critical evaluation and a rhetorical analysis. The purpose of a critical evaluation is to determine whether a piece of writing is convincing and explain why. Usually facts, rather than rhetoric, are the most important elements in the paragraph.In a rhetorical analysis, on the other hand, the purpose is to explain the strategies a writer uses to convince the audience. In the paragraph you write for this assignment, you will look at the same database article you used previously, but this time, you will write a rhetorical analysis rather than a critical evaluation. You can write as yourself, but you will probably find it helpful to keep your imaginary friend in mind as you do your analysis.As in Assignment 4.1, make sure your paragraph is NO LONGER than 250 words and that it includes a Works Cited entry.

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