Discussion Forum

Prepare: As you prepare to write your first discussion for this week take a few moments to do the following:•Review Chapter 11 and Connect Activities.•Identify two writing tasks listed in Chapter 11 as your strengths and two tasks as your weaknesses.•Review your Grammar Assessment.Reflect: Reflect on your experience writing the Diagnostic Essay.Write: Post to the discussion board and consider the following questions below. It will be important for you to be descriptive and provide specific examples to back up the items you note.•Describe at least one writing task that you believe you did well on when writing the Diagnostic Essay in Week One.•Describe one writing task that you believe you need to work on based on your experience writing the Diagnostic Essay.•Describe three grammatical errors that you had the most difficulty with on the Diagnostic Quiz you took in Connect.•Describe what your plan for maximizing your strengths and improving where you need to.•Pose a question about this week’s reading to the class and your instructor.

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