Dissertation, Literature

The Assignment Task:

A.Produce a working title for your work.
B.Write an introduction for your dissertation outlining the rationale for the selection of topic. You are to include any supporting evidence to support your case and an indication as to the originality to the work proposed. You must provide a research aim statement, along with accompanying research questions in a table and finally a list of research objectives.
C.A table of proposed literature sources with full Harvard references and brief explanation of the sources and how they match the research aim and objectives.
D.Write a detailed methodology proposal that sets out how you will investigate the topic, where, when, how many participants and an indication of sample numbers in relation to the overall research population where required. A separate research methodology back up plan, Plan B, must also be presented in table form or as an appendix.
E.Produce a detailed Gantt chart outlining the research projects activities and time line.
F.Reference list
G.Research Ethics checklist

All words in tables, chart and diagrams are not included in the final word count but excessive use of boxes to avoid the word count is not acceptable.

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