Dissertation proposal, Other

As mentioned above please contact immediately to discuss a topic before proceeding, however below are some topics that seem relevant:

1)How can buyers/merchandisers effectively minimize stock-outs?
2)Evaluate the most effective route by which customers and businesses interact with each other.
3)Can social media help in planning assortment & forecasting demand, so as to avoid inventory mishaps?

(*please contact before proceeding with any topic, ONLY related to Fashion Buying and merchandising)

You are required to complete a short Rationale, a written justification, 400 words, describes the area of interest and proposed topic choice, identifying where possible key research sources. This written piece MUST address a \”Buying and Merchandising issue\” and be relevant and innovative
Apart from the rationale the things below need to be fulfilled:

Rationale (c400 words)
Proposed Research Method(s) (c100 words)

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