Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative dietary guidelines.

NOITE / This Question for Final Exam, please answer three questions and write 5 pages,1375 words for each, Also don’t make any plagiarism for all it

A) Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative dietary guidelines
B) Compare and contrast the Dietary guidelines issued since 2010 of at least two different named recommending bodies?
C) What benefits would result if these populations were to fully adhere to these guidelines?
1375 word
Critically discuss food analysis techniques related to Food Safety. Using example showcase the relevance of different analytical methods in the area of food safety?
1375 word

“Exposure to toxic chemicals is a health risk that must be understand to be avoided”
-Show that you understand how humans are exposed to toxic chemicals and furthermore that you understand what happens to toxic chemicals after they enter the body. Illustrate your answer with appropriate examples.
1375 word

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