Does self-efficacy differ between those students who have mostly A’s & mostly A’s & B’s vs. Explain


Use the Weight loss data set. For each of the following, write your answer in APA format and include the correct essential output with your answer. Make sure you test the appropriate assumptions for each test (examine normality).

For each of your continuous variables, identity any outlines and delete them if appropriate.
Describe your sample in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity.

ANOVA—post-hocs & planned comparisons

Using the cheating data set, run the appropriate analysis and write-up your results in APA format for each of the following:

Run a one-way ANOVA with an appropriate post-hoc test to examine the following the research question: Does self-efficacy differ between those students who have mostly A’s & mostly A’s & B’s vs. Mostly B’s & Mostly B’s & C’s vs. students in all other grade categories in math? (hint: you will need to recode the math variable).

Examine the variables in the cheating data set and write a research question that can be answered with a planned comparison in a one-way ANOVA (you may recode variables). Carry out this analysis and present your results in APA format.

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