Dostoevsky and H.G. Wells\’ view on 19th Centruty European Modernity as defined by Berman

How do the novels of Dostoevsky (1864) & H.G. Wells (1894) evoke the promise and perils of European modernity as defined by Marshall Berman? Which of these novels, in your opinion, is more dystopian and why?Write a 4- to 5-page paper in answer to these questions. It should be based primarily on a close-reading of Dostoevsky or Wells in connection with Berman, while making brief reference to the other novel in order to answer the last question.Good papers WILL NOT consist primarily of plot summary. The best papers WILL1. have a strong, subtle, and original argument relating your novel to Berman’s claims about modernity;2. support your argument with well-organized references to specific textual passages in your novel;3. situate your argument about the assigned texts in a wider historical context with the help of a few of the other themes, figures, and/or events raised in lecture and/or encountered in the other assigned readings—e.g. science, religion, Chaadaev, Kireevsky, Alexander II, the Revolutions of 1848, the Crimean War, “Victorian Britain,” the “Great Reforms,” etc.4. demonstrate an understanding of Russia’s ambivalent relationship to Europe in the nineteenth century.Book Sources must be:Fyodor Dostoevsky-Notes from UndergroundH.G. Wells- The Time MachineMarshall Berman- All That is Solid Melts into AirMust be full 4 pages. Crystal Palace( a symbol of modernity) takes a huge role to both Marshall Berman and Dostoevsky in the books. and both have different idea of Crystal Palace. Dostoevsky takes it as modernity which has no free will. please put Crystal Palace in the essay!

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