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Drug-Free Workplace
Pense Brothers Drilling Company (PBDC) is a business out of Fredericktown, Missouri. It was created by two brothers, Clifford and Ronald Pense in 1962. Clifford and Ronald are my great uncles on my father’s side of the family. This business will pass down from generation to generation, and a lot of the Pense family currently works for the company. Pense Brothers Drilling Company began as a small business that Clifford and Ronald sought out to expand. This company started out drilling for lead and zinc in southeast Missouri. Since 1962, PBDC has spread its drilling operations to include oil, water, and natural gas.
Throughout the years, this company has expanded and created work sites in 15 different states. They have drilled in California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Illinois, Utah, Alaska, Texas, Arkansas, and many others. The company also has offices in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Missouri. Pense Brothers Drilling now employs well over 100 people of varying experience levels and job types, and allows those who start out at an entry level to work their way up in the company.
Many establishments have an employee handbook that lays the outline of the expectations for work. Pense Brothers Drilling also has a handbook outlining the expectations, physical tests, time-off, and many other areas. This explains any area that the employee would have questions on, and discusses the policies that Pense Brothers Drilling has. An employee must read this handbook and sign a contract stating they understand the policies set forth in the employee handbook before beginning their job.
The Pense Brothers Drilling Company employee handbook has its own section on keeping the establishment drug free. This section of the employee handbook states the rules and regulations for alcohol and controlled substances on the property, and while at work. This also describes the rights the company has when an employee breaks the rules and regulations that are outlined in this section of the handbook.
The first sentence in the Drug Free Workplace section states that: “No employee shall work, report to work, or be present on Pense Brothers Drilling Company premises, operate vehicles or engage in activities with alcohol or controlled substances in their system which affect job safety and performance.” This statement begins the basis of the entire section. This covers all bases, and eliminates all possibilities of any person using illegal substances or alcohol while working or on the property. The company specifies many different situations that could happen to avoid any loopholes that would allow an employee to use, or be under the influence of, substances while on the job. It is very detailed in its description of what is not allowed.
This section of the handbook also states that “Pense Brothers Drilling Company reserves the right to take any and all appropriate lawful actions necessary to inforce this substance abuse policy.” This gives the company the right to take any legal action necessary. This also includes the right to search an employee’s personal property if given proper reasoning. If an employee is using illegal substances, Pense Brothers Drilling Company is obligated to tell local law enforcement.
“Pense Brothers Drilling Company retains the right to have any employee tested if there is sufficient reason to suspect the employee is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.” The company is able to tell an employee that they must comply to a drug or alcohol test when given reasonable evidence. This includes an employee who is living on premises, but is not currently working, because of the policy stated above.
Along with being told to take a drug test if suspected of using drugs, the handbook states that “Pense Brothers Drilling Company will also administer random drug tests.” This means that although you may not be suspected by supervisors of using substances, you may have to comply to a drug test. This helps the company ensure that their employees are drug free and ready to work. It is a random test, that is chosen “through an unbiased selection process” so there is no certain person that will be picked, it is luck of the draw. When chosen the employee must go to a location the company selects to get their drug test completed. If the drug test does not get completed, it will be considered a break in the contract that was signed.
“Illegal drugs, for the purpose of this policy, are all controlled substances including, but not limited to, narcotics, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, other substances capable of creating or maintaining adverse effects on one’s physical, emotional, or mental states, and controlled medication not prescribed for current personal treatment by a licensed medical professional.” This passage in the handbook states that any type of substance that is not strictly ordered by a physician is not allowed. It states that any type of altering drugs are prohibited on the job, and if found in the drug test, these are the types of drugs that could be grounds for termination.
“Failure to comply with testing under this policy will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination” If an employee does not follow the guidelines, and submit to a drug test when asked, the company may take action and terminate the job. The employer has full rights to do this, because of the paperwork that is signed by the employee when they acquire the job. The signing of the paperwork gives the consent that they will take a drug test if asked, and if they don’t, they know the repercussions that could follow.
In another section of the handbook, Pense Brothers describes the type of disciplinary action that could occur due to the failure to follow the contract they have signed. Many different methods can be used as a repercussion of drug use. One is a suspension of 30 days from the work field. This suspension would be an unpaid leave. Upon returning, the individual must comply to a drug test as frequently as Pense Brothers Drilling Company sees necessary. The most serious repercussion is termination of the job.
Lastly, the employee handbook states that “The Company may assist an employee with a substance problem.” This tells the help that Pense Brothers will provide for their employees who have previously, or currently, need assistance with a substance problem. In order to do this, they should contact a supervisor, and they will help them get in contact with the Employee Assistance Problem. This program will help them get into contact with people who can help them overcome their addiction, and make correct choices. If an employee does acknowledge their problem before the drug test is given, they will not be reprimanded for their actions. If an employee has already taken the drug test beforehand, they will still be subjected to the disciplinary action the company sees fit.
Although, I do not work for this company, I found that the employee handbook was very easy to understand. It was well-written and very detailed. It covered any area that there could be confusion in, and clearly stated the repercussions that could follow when found with a positive drug test. The policies and requirements were not anything that would vary from any other job, and as long as they are followed things should go smoothly. If an individual decides to disregard the employee handbook, they could lose their job.
I think that an individual from any background could correctly interpret the employee handbook. It was very straightforward, and left very little area to question policies. This handbook covered any area that could be an area of problem while in the workforce.

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