Econ writing assignment

Writing AssignmentFrom the syllabus: “You must describe, in your own words, the issues presented in the article, and then summarize how the material taught in class explains the information, events, or phenomenon in the article. This economic explanation must relate to a theoretical graph (one with some sort of equilibrium, like Supply and Demand, the PPF, etc). The graph must be drawn and included in your response.”Places to look for news articles online:-Lexis Nexis-Proquest-Newsbank(All links can be found here: (Links to an external site.))Note: No blog posts, Wikipedia or other “encyclopedia” entries. Also, remember the article must be published on or after July 1, 2016.Useful guide from Turnitin about forms of plagiarism: (Links to an external site.)Here is a sample article I wrote to give you an idea of what I expect. It is not perfect, so please don\’t feel that you have to copy me in every detail to get a good grade. You will see that I drew the graph in word using Insert>Shapes. It\’s pretty easy if you use lots of cut and paste. I saved the file as a pdf so that the picture would not be moved or changed when it was opened in a different version of word. Another option would be to save your drawing as a picture from a different program or hand draw it and snap a pic with your phone. Then you can insert the picture into your word file. I also cut and pasted the original article at the end of my assignment and included a clickable link to the article. Please try to do this, if possible. If not, you will need to upload a separate file with a pdf of the article (just choose \’save as pdf\’ in the print menu of your browser).

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